The largest network of its kind, VigLink monetizes content that drives commerce for over 300,000 sites and works with more than 35,000 merchants to drive sales. Each month, VigLink processes more than 10 billion pageviews and over five hundred million clicks. Founded in 2009 and based in San Francisco, VigLink is backed by top investors including Google Ventures, First Round Capital, Emergence Capital, and RRE.


BoardReader was developed to address the shortcomings of current search engine technology to accurately find and display information contained on the Web’s forums and message boards. Founded in May 2000 by engineers and students from the University of Michigan, Boardreader uses proprietary software that allows users to search multiple message boards simultaneously, allowing users to share information in a truly global sense.


Since 2009 Solve Media has been helping community owners monetize their sites. Our innovative Captcha replacement creates a new revenue stream, improves user experience and reduces spam. Our data solution monetizes site traffic by managing the distribution of cookies, in a privacy compliant way, to the AdTech ecosystem. Easy integration via the following plug-ins: MediaWiki, DokuWiki,WordPress, Drupal, vBulletin, phpBB, SMF, Pligg, IP.Board, Movable Type, XenForo, Joomla! and MyBB. We also provide developer libraries in PHP, Ruby, JSP, .Net. Vanilla JavaScript is also available for more custom integrations. Learn more by visiting or schedule a meeting by sending an email to:


Publisher Roundtable is a platform designed to let online publishers collaborate and learn how to grow their websites more effectively. Together, publishers can generate benchmarks around audience growth, content and monetization. Designed to benefit content publishers of all types and sizes, our goal is to arm you with the objective data and insights you need to make more informed business and marketing decisions.


For over 14 years, ProBoards has provided hosted forum solutions to the Internet community. Our years of experience, innovation, and excellence has allowed us to become an industry leader and home to millions of online forums.


VerticalScope is a privately held corporation headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in the acquisition and development of websites and online communities for the Automotive, Powersports, Power Equipment, Pets, Sports and Technology vertical markets. Through targeted acquisitions and development, VerticalScope has built a portfolio of more than 600+ websites with more than 25 million aggregate pages of content and more than 84 Million unique visitors per month – and growing.


The goal of the SF Community Manager’s crew is to meet and trade ideas for building community. We welcome all community builders, including those who work with branded communities, startups, developer communities, non-profits, and local for-purpose groups.


dizzain_red has been serving the publisher and enthusiast community for over 10 years, providing design and WordPress development services. Our team of designers and engineers works with publishers to create unique and engaging ways for audiences to consume their content.


Panjo is a marketplace for the world’s most knowledgeable auto, sport, and hobby enthusiasts.
The Panjo marketplace delivers joy by helping enthusiasts discover, buy, and sell rare and high-quality goods. The Panjo marketplace increases security, reduces administrative overhead, and aggregates the world’s most desirable goods for enthusiasts.